Rock Head Miner of Kaassa'r

I started this way back in 2015 and never finished it. I was in a 3D rut for quite some time but winds are starting to change. Thanks to Mark Molnar who made the original character concept sketch a while back. I hope I made it justice.

Background story
Mining in Kaassa'r is a dangerous but profitable profession. 20,000 meters bellow the planet's surface the precious iinidium is found. iinidum isn't only extremely volatile, but getting to it is an extreme ordeal, the pressure alone would make it nearly impossible to extract. The work must be done though if civilization is to continue to flourish. The Rosanhkra, otherwise known as "Rock Heads" by the corporations who employ them can naturally withstand an enormous amount of pressure, extremely skilled, proud of their work, make them highly sought after and very well paid workers.

January 10, 2020